Sunday, 12 June 2011

I do still exist...

I've just not been very "talky" recently. I feel like I'm doing exactly what my blog title says, "plodding along" and to be honest, that's not very interesting at all to anyone...!!

A and I are trying to be good and watch the pennies. It's no secret that in the past I've had a serious shopping problem. I used to buy things I didn't need on an alarmingly regular basis because I thought they'd make me feel better or because if I only had "that jumper" or "that skirt" or read "that book", I would automatically become a better person. The sort of person I would like to be.

I've realised (very slowly I'll admit) that the things you own don't make you the person you are and won't make you the person you want to be. It's got to come from inside and that's just something that you can't buy.


  1. Hello Amanda
    This is an excellent subject. How great that you have recognized this problem. One only has to go to the mall to see the excesses. I am enjoying your blog and working through earlier postings, I have signed up to follow you. Best,