Saturday, 2 April 2011

Shopping (or not)

For someone who is trying harder than she ever has before, a day at Bicester Village is not ideal. It's an outlet shopping centre in north Oxfordshire and whilst I can appreciate that there are a lot of "bargains" there, they aren't my type of bargains!!! I used to be the type of girl who thought that spending £50 on a top was ok "because it was reduced from £200" but I'm not any more!! Still, it's what my mother-in-law wants to do for Mother's Day.

M&E are in Palm Springs for three weeks and did tell me not to bother buying a card in advance because it was a silly waste of money!! I really appreciated that, made life just that bit easier...

Wish me luck with the not spending any money!!!

Edited to add: Yikes, they have a Cath Kidston shop at Bicester. This may well be fatal. Please have faith that I have enough strength just to look and not ruin all my hard work!!!


  1. I have heard SO much about bicester, I wish it was nearer to me
    (although, perhaps I should be glad that it's not!)

  2. I did pretty well, I only spent £4.50 and that was on three bottles of water.

    It's a good place if you like labels but I'd recommend not going at the weekend because it was packed!!

  3. I love Cath Kitson stuff..I would fail terribly..good luck!! Thanks for following me! I look forward to following your adventures!! :)

  4. I know what you mean about Bicester. It's ok if you want to spend thousands but for those who want to spend less than £50 apart from Cath Kidston there's not much choice!

  5. I live near ish to Biscester and went there one year. I am afraid there was nothing for me. I am really not into labels and it all felt very commercial and not me at all.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. It was *me* many years ago but I can't really see the point of many of the designer labels. My mother in law was chuffed to geta Radley purse for mothers day but secretly I didn't think it was anything special!!!!!
    Mind you, I do much prefer this *new* me to the old one..... She's learnt not to spend money just to be like everybody else.