Monday, 18 April 2011

Flavour Explosion!

My sister-in-law came back from New Zealand yesterday and bought back some lovely treats for us. Some bath salts with mud from Rotarua for me and some chocolates for A and I to share. My favourite of these chocolates was Pineapple Lumps which are little blocks of pineapple flavoured marshmallow covered in chcoolate.

The description for them is:

Back in 1935 who would have thought a goofy flavour combination of Pineapple and Chocolate could work so brilliantly? Kiwis did, and a good job, too. That's why our Pineapple Lumps™ lolly is a national treasure.

I have to say that despite being very dubious in the beginning, these little sweets are AMAZING!!!!

I do now have to see if can find a company in the UK who sell them... Mind you, looking at my finances today (and the fact that I don't get paid for a week and a half), I might be putting Pineapple Lumps on hold and trying to be as *good* as possible...


  1. You can get pineapple chunks in the U.K, but not these I have to admit they do look rather good, so I can imagine its hard being 'good'