Monday, 20 September 2010

We did it!!!

I have now been Mrs T for one week and two days!

We had an absolutely wonderful day, it rained a little in the morning but that only made the rest of the day brighter and fresher. Much of it was a blur, but a nice blur. I am now one exceedingly happy wife.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

2 days to go


The place settings are dry:


The favours are sorted:


The confetti is mixed:


The shoes have been worn in:


The order of service is *being* printed (as I type):



It's slowly all falling into place


Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Big Day forecast

I don't want to tempt fate by checking too many any other forecasts for the 11th. Suffice to say that I'm happy with 17 degrees.

Any prayers for lots of sun and warmth will be greatly appreciated however.....

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Kitty and the sunflower

Originally uploaded by **amanda*jane**

I wonder just how many blog entries I can write featuring my solitary sunflower?! Here is my cat, hiding in the garden. She absolutely adores it out there.

And here's a photo of my first raspberry. We only planted them out a few months ago and were told we wouldn't get any fruits on them this year but goodness, have they been plentiful. We've had several raspberries and they always taste delicious, especially when they're ripened by the sun. I wish I'd managed to get a phot on a sunny day but hopefully there will be some of those to come.

Avocado Lime Cheesecake

1 1/2 cups cream
3/4 cup white sugar
1 1/2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted
2 (3 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
1 (8 inch) prepared graham cracker crust

1.Heat the cream in a small saucepan until small bubbles appear around edges. Remove from heat and stir sugar into the cream until it dissolves. Transfer to a medium bowl, and allow to cool.
2.Combine the avocado and cream cheese in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the lime juice and process until smooth, then whisk into the cooled cream mixture.
3.Fill an ice cream maker with the mixture, and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.
4.Spoon into the prepared pie crust. Smooth surface with a spatula. Freeze at least 2 hours in freezer before serving.
Nutritional Information
Amount Per Serving Calories: 470 Total Fat: 34.8g Cholesterol: 85mg


What happens when you spill bird seed