Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another quick post

If (like me) you're on the hunt for new lovely blogs to read, I recommend you pop over to Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards page, not only can you vote for your favourite blog but there are quite simply hundreds of blogs to choose from in a variety of catagories. I've found some real gems there.

And while I'm blogging, I thought I would *pimp* my Graze code... If you use the code below you'll get a free first box and then a half price second box (and I get £1 to use against their boxes or to support the Rainforest Alliance).

You can give all your friends a free graze box and another half price by giving them this promotion code…

free box code: 8RZHG7ZA
they enter at: >

And what's more — for every friend you feed, you can donate £1 to the Rainforest Alliance, or get £1 off your next graze box. But hurry, because this code is valid for a limited time only.

I have to admit that I love Graze. I have a habit of snacking at work and when I'm not organised enough to bring fruit in I invariably head for the chocolate machine.. Although you do need to order your Graze boxes in advance, once you've got an order set up they will deliver daily/weekly or whenever you like and they do two options, one with fresh fruit and one with a selection of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. You have to admit, their boxes are pretty cute!

Spring Food

Whilst on my daily trawl around blog-world I came across Girl Interrupted Eating which goes straight to the top of my most salivatory blogs to read! Not only does Becky have some amazing recipes and ideas (purple sprouting brocolli and boiled eggs and asparagus and poached eggs are two of my weakness) but also her page on Feminie Foraging is both giggle-worthy and informative and her Flickr has some great photos. I have to admit that I'm not too enamoured with the idea of goat curry, if only because I have dreams that one day in the future I will have goats of my own and plan on rearing them for milk rather than meat.

Go and have a look at her blog and be inspired to create something delicious :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

bunny head fiddlestick

bunny head fiddlestick
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Isn't this just adorable? I have no idea what I would actually do with it but **squee**


Thursday, 8 April 2010

I'm going barmy for bunting

The only quandry now is whether I actually buy some or get some material and attempt to make my own. I'd love to actually make my own, but without a sewing machine, I think it might be a very time consuming process, ah well, at least it would keep me busy and I'd have the *perfect* colours :)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Themes and (colour) schemes

This post is mainly for my Mum so she can see the sort of colour scheme we're hoping to go for. We decided on yellow, green and white because it's fairly simple but still nice and bright.

Most of them are fairly Springlike I'll admit but I really like the idea of taking the best from those ones and the Autumnal ones and bringing them together. Of course, this would be a lot easier had I not left it so late (for various personal reasons) to start planning.

All inspiration boards from Snippet and Ink, possibly the best inspiration blog out there!


Ah, April is here! Such a wonderful month and the start of Springtime proper (we can hope). Sunshine, Easter and Daffodils :)

Cooking in the month of April:

Fruit & Veg:

* Watercress

* Asparagus (nom, nom, nom)

* Rocket
* Spring onions

* Purple sprouting broccoli (I can't wait until this appears in my farm shop, I absolutely adore it and it has such a short lifespan)

Jersey royals
* Outdoor rhubarb

* Rosemary

* Wild garlic

* Mint

* Parsley


* Spring lamb

* Vension

* Wood pigeon
* Cockles

* Lobster

* Oysters

* Wild salmon

* Mussels

And here is the link to the BBC Food seasonal recipe finder for the month of April.

I'm going to try to keep as seasonal as possible with my cooking this month, I'm hoping that it will help financially in the long run as well as eating foods at their very best.
Also, having been inspired by Bethany, I'm going to have a good look around and see what coupons etc I can find. I do tend to pick up the supermarket magazines when in the store but never actually use the coupons they have. I'm not sure if I'll get as much of a bargain as Bethany did (she saved over $50!), but anything would help really!! Happy Cooking!

Image from GAP Photos, sadly not my own effort.