Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A not so tiny update

I'm finding it a little hard to keep track of myself at the moment. I keep finding new "social networking" sites and signing up thinking that *this time* I've found the perfect site for me. My current favourite is Tumblr which is, in my mind, very much like WeHeartIt which I used to like. For the most part, it's a place to share photos, quotes and other such things, it's quite nice really though (and I admit to being responsbile for this too) people have a habit of posting photos and not giving credit to the actual photographer which must be so disheartening for them, taking such lovely pictures and then not getting the credit for it. The site allows you to "reblog" things that other people post and I think there are a lot of reblogs where people take out the credit too. That's the reason why I went off WeHeartIt, guilt at show off other peoples photographs with no credit to them.

I'm also rediscovering Polyvore. I went through a stage of being mildly obsessed with (obsessed, moi? surely not) but stopped playing after a while because I felt that nothing I *created* was good enough (it shows you how many times your sets have been viewed or if people have marked them as a "favourite" and when mine don't get any views I get upset). I feel guilty using this site also because the original images are, for the most part, not my own, I prefer the arty aspect of it to the fashion aspect so like to use lots of photos to create sets rather than clothes.

I've had inspiration overload recently. Tumblr and Polyvore are partly responsible, but so is Etsy. Oh Etsy, how I love and hate you equally. Love, because there are so many beautiful things to buy. Hate, because even when I can afford them, most of them are US based and would rather not ship to England. However, I did succumb and bought four prints by This Years Girl. I'll do a bit of a review in a seperate post.


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