Friday, 23 January 2009

Happy birthday to me...

It was my birthday yesterday. I do have photos of the cake and the Boy but they're still on my camera because I am a slow coach...
So you'll have to do with a photo from my birthday three years ago. Such lovely flowers and balloons from my family.
I have a new photo printer so I can "be creative" with "stuff". I can't wait to actually print out some of my photos and see what they're actually like in print. I might even print some of my Flickr favourites too, there are loads that would look good hung on my walls...
It's the weekend soon, more excuses to take photos *snap snap snap*
I have a craving for pink milk and blue smoothies. I have the blue smoothie at home, just need to acquire the pink milk...
dum de dum

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  1. oh happy birthday for the 22nd! i hope you had a wonderful day with lots of delightful gifts and cake.