Friday, 23 January 2009

Happy birthday to me...

It was my birthday yesterday. I do have photos of the cake and the Boy but they're still on my camera because I am a slow coach...
So you'll have to do with a photo from my birthday three years ago. Such lovely flowers and balloons from my family.
I have a new photo printer so I can "be creative" with "stuff". I can't wait to actually print out some of my photos and see what they're actually like in print. I might even print some of my Flickr favourites too, there are loads that would look good hung on my walls...
It's the weekend soon, more excuses to take photos *snap snap snap*
I have a craving for pink milk and blue smoothies. I have the blue smoothie at home, just need to acquire the pink milk...
dum de dum

Pomegranate teeth

I love the tiny ruby jewelled teeth of pomegranates....

Pomegranate "teeth"

So bright and sparkly

Pomegranate "teeth"


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

when little girls grow up

There once was a little girl who cuddled this

My first bear

while reading about this little girl

My Naughty Little Sister

and Bad Harry

My Naughty Little Sister

she loved them very much

My Naughty Little Sister

the little girl grew up, but she still liked reading about them...